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FineBuild ERP

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FineBuild ERP

Industry : Real Estate

FineBuild ERP is complete construction software which includes project costing and financial management solution designed to fit with the way you do business. It is capable of effectively carrying out complete financial reporting in a single solution. FineBuild ERP lets you track paperwork and finances associated with contracts from a single, easy-to-use point of reference. This saves valuable time and facilitates knowledge sharing, in turn, increasing your margins and project management efficiencies. You’ll have greater control and a better understanding of all your projects, allowing you to make pro-active decisions with ease. FineBuild ERP for Builders Manage everything from the General Ledger to accounts payable and receivable, with ease. A centralized data repository and automated reporting makes it easy to manage multiple construction projects simultaneously. FineBuild ERP, construction management software provides you with tools, information and reports needed to improve performance and resolve problems faster. FineBuild ERP – Software for Builders & Contractors from SRG Global Solutions Pvt Ltd

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Special Features

  • It will reduce your Paper & Excel work.
  • The entire database will be available at your figure tips.
  • Being online real estate software one can access it from anywhere & anytime.
  • Customized search will reduce your time and increase your efficiency.
  • Track progress report on timely basis.

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