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Our motto, changing rules, changing lives, holds truest when it comes to the people at SRG. Here, just as we bring the best to our customer with each passing day, we also understand our responsibility to nurture our own people – in a dynamic and challenging environment. Welcome to a career at SRG. At SRG, we encourage you to build a career working towards much larger goals, and help us fulfill our vision of building a stronger, more confident society. We believe that it’s ordinary people who are capable of extraordinary work - this drives the way SRG hires, trains and rewards its people. It’s also what makes us innovative, young and fresh. A career in SRG offers a life-long engagement of tremendous variety and challenge. And we know that the spirit of SRG stays with you for a lifetime. SRG is an opportunity to witness history and being a part of it. If you have the desire, energy, talent and ability to carry forth our vision of being number one in the IT industry, we welcome you into our fold.


Industry/Functional Area : BANKING

Experience : 5+YEAR

Location : UDAIPUR

Salary : Best in industry.No Bar for deserving candidates.


key Skill : 1-Proficiency in {{ C# | Visual Basic, depending on the specific project }} 2-Experience using .NET {{ 4.5+ | Core }} 3-Experience in developing {{ ASP.NET MVC | ASP.NET Core MVC }} applications 4-Senior knowledge of {{ Entity Framework 6.* | EF Core | NHibernate | ADO.NET }} 5-Proficient knowledge in {{ MSSQL | MySQL | Oracle | other RDBMS }} 6-Database design including indexes and data integrity {{ if RDBMS is required }} 7-Dependency injection pattern and IoC containers using at least one of: Autofac, Unity, Ninject, and/or SimpleIoc 8-Writing tests with {{ NUnit | XUnit | MSTest }} 9-Implementing enterprise application patterns {{ if senior developer is required }} 10-Understanding of HTML, JS, and CSS 11-Familiarity with the client side framework {{ jQuery | Angular 1.* | Angular 2.*+ | React | other }} 12-Familiarity with {{ Kendo UI | DevExpress | Syncfusion }} is a plus 13-Integrating web analytics tools {{ particularly Google Analytics - if applicable }} 14-Familiarity with {{ Azure Web Apps | AWS Cloud - if applicable }} {{ Make sure to mention any other frameworks, libraries, or other technologies relevant to your project }} {{ List any education level or certification you may require }}

Education Qualification : BCA , MCA

Job Description : We are looking for an ASP.NET MVC developer that will be able to develop and support existing applications. The main scope of work will include everything from back-end to client-side code, using optimal and efficient technologies, frameworks, and patterns. Your primary responsibilities will be to design and develop these applications. Therefore, it’s essential that you are skilled at problem solving, solution design, and high-quality coding.

Desired Candidate's Profile :

Accounts executive No.of Position: 1

Industry/Functional Area : Banking / Finance

Experience : 1+year

Location : Udaipur Durga nursery

Salary : 15000

Role : Accounts Executive

key Skill : Knowledge of TDS , GST, Accounting Entries

Education Qualification :

Job Description : 1-Knowledge of Petty cash Handling 2-Loan entries 3-Knowledge of Cibil check.

Desired Candidate's Profile :